About Beyond Dermatologics

Beyond Dermatologics combines natural ingredients with CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical in cannabis

Beyond Dermatologics is a clinically developed scalp and hair oil that moisturizes the scalp and enhances the head’s natural skin barrier protection.

We’ve created a product meant to address scalp problems over the long term by attacking their first cause, lack of proper scalp moisture. Without proper moisturization the skin barrier of the scalp becomes vulnerable, leading to many recurring scalp issues.

Instead of using prescription shampoos, some of which offer diminishing returns, while creating a dependency that lets the problem rampage once treatment ceases, our customers enjoy consistent benefits with Beyond Dermatologics.

Beyond Dermatologics is for everyone who wants to free themselves from prescription shampoos and discover a long-lasting natural treatment.

Meet The Doctor

Board-certified Dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth Hughes
Dr. Hughes has formulated the ultimate moisturizing and protecting scalp solution. Beyond Dermatologics is a natural and gentle restoring formula that provides long-term relief from dry, scaly scalp.

Dr. Elizabeth Hughes has dedicated three decades to helping people find a healthy balance for their skin. Dr. Hughes combines her medical background with wide-ranging studies of alternative healing systems. From these studies she has built a one-of-a-kind system designed to help people who feel like their lives have been hijacked by exhaustion and brain fog reclaim their energy and mental clarity.

Additionally, she is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200), an advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator, and a Whole Health Medicine Institute certified provider. She shares a home in Seattle with her children and two rescued greyhounds.

Founding Team

Special thanks to our special team that helped create Beyond Dermatologics. We could have done it without them!

Dr. Elizabeth Hughes

Board-certified Dermatologist and Founder of Beyond Dermatologics.

Green Harvest Health

Medical Doctor-Operated CBD product manufacturer.

Khadijah Adams, LLC

Highly regarded firm specializing in CBD and natural wellness.